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Praise for Author Tav Sparks

I've been a student of film for years, as well as a filmmaker.  Making films is a process, and just like any process oriented work, there's always mystery involved in the outcome.  Likewise for Tav Sparks' Movie Yoga workshop in New York.  The workshop gave me a  fresh frame for experiencing film as a medium for personal/spiritual growth and left me with some profound surprises. Using film as a vehicle for process work is just flat out genius.  Tav Sparks may have just created a new mystery school.
- Dory Perry, Pittsburgh, PA

Personally I have found the practice of viewing movies and then becoming consciously aware of reactions that the movies illicit in me a quick, authentic and beneficial way to touch through into deep realms for self exploration and integrative work."   
Zoë R., Greece

I have thought of that module often since and realized how it offered countless tools for remembering the archetypal dimension of living my own hero's journey, and for bringing the spirituality of the breathwork community into everyday life
Pamela S., Texas

I do write to thank Tav with all of my heart for his superlative guidance and trust in me to undergo the (practice).  More importantly however, his messages struck a most profound chord in my life which has turned around and is now on the up and up. I cannot thank him enough.  I am such a strong devotee of his messages that I use them regularly with people who continue to pop into my life and it seems to resonate with them as well.
J., Australia

I would like to thank (you) for the incredible work (you) are doing around the world.  It really changed my life.  Now I'm completely immersed in this process of change and many things around me are also moving towards something unknown to me but very reliable.
J., Spain

I just arrived home after having one of the most wonderful weeks of my life.  Tav’s lectures were brilliant… he manages it with unbelievable attitude, integrity and humor.
M., Germany

Tav is so clear, passionate and illuminating – a wonderful communicator.
C., Australia

I feel that what you have given me is lasting.  You opened the door to me and gave me a means to access the spirit I have been crying out to for years. 
M., U.S.

I have been to some of the finest and most renowned treatment facilities in this country, and they have not come close to touching or healing the innermost corners of my soul in the way that your (work) has.
K., Pennsylvania

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