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Praise for the Book

Praise for Movie YogaExcerpt from Movie Yoga Buy the Book

Movie Yoga is an entertaining exploration of the transformation path of movies. It is both deep and fun, two fine qualities in any book. I recommend it highly!"
~ Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., author of The Big Leap, Co-Founder of The Spiritual Cinema Circle www.hendricks.com

Movie Yoga will take you on a holographic journey to the center of yourself as it invites you to ponder, “What does my reaction to that movie reveal about me?” Tav’s warm, passionate, personal style will move you out of thinking about it and into the experience of what he’s saying. Drawing from a vast library of films that Tav has experienced, he demonstrates how every movie he has ever watched, good and bad alike, has transformed him in some way, and then he offers a technique that you can use to do the same – to walk out of the theater, at the end of any movie, a deeper, bigger person than when you walked in. This is a book that would make anyone appreciate the work of Hollywood.
~ Melody Jackson, Ph.D., Smart Girls Productions

In his book, Movie Yoga: How Every Film Can Change Your Life, Tav Sparks draws on his lexical knowledge of the world of  movie-making and his vast experience from almost a quarter of a century of therapeutic work with non-ordinary states of consciousness. The result is a unique instrument that could transform one of the most popular mass entertainments into an adventure of self-discovery, self-healing, and inner transformation.
~ Stanislav Grof, M.D., author of Psychology of the Future, The Cosmic  Game, and When the Impossible Happens

As someone who appreciates what it means to get lost in movies, I really resonate with Tav’s passion for the power of film. Beyond just watching for entertainment, Movie Yoga parts a curtain on the deeper mysteries that films reveal.
~ H.R. Giger, visionary artist and Oscar winner for Alien

As a producer, I love that Tav Sparks gives people another reason to be inspired by movies. In Movie Yoga, he takes the film experience to a whole new level. His passion and insight for both movies and transformation are clear on every page.
~ Bill Block, producer, financier, and CEO, QED Intl.

Tav Sparks’ passion for film is infectious and truly delightful. But more than that, Tav shows us how one of life’s simple joys, going to the movies, can be a tool for deep spiritual and emotional transformation. If you love the silver screen and long for the spirit, read this book!
~ Jai Uttal, world musician and Grammy-nominated recording artist